A Long Day School

A long day school aims to provide an extended learning time which combines an intensive teaching system with activities for student engagement and self development. Academics are a major part of this concept but students also have the opportunity to participate in different enrichment activities namely arts, sports, personality development , computers among others.

This system of schooling is increasingly becoming popular among both educators and parents for its many advantages over other systems.

Nutritional Essentialities Fortified: Facility for fresh, nutritional and healthy food at a long day school ensures that the proper diet of the child is taken care of. It also relieves parents of the early-morning woes of preparing breakfast and lunch for the child. Eating at school mess also helps the child develop good social eating habits and table etiquettes.

Ideal for working Parents: Working parents find it convenient that their child spend extra hours in the learning environment of school to groom many more aspects of the child’s personality.

Fewer Distractions: As students spend a major part of their day in school, it provides them with an opportunity to be in an environment conducive to learning and helps them utilise their time in meaningful pursuits as they adhere to strict timetables.

Professional Training for Extra-Curricular Activities: More time and better training for co-scholastic activities at school ensures prefect honing of a child’s skills and talent in many areas.

Better Social Life Quotient: Children spending more quality time at school tend to develop better relationships through group activities, social interactions and events. These social emotional skills can help students set goals for themselves and build positive relationships with peers.