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Award for proficiency in Communication Skills:

Students with fluent spoken English, impeccable pronunciation and perfect communication skills are suitable awards.

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Avid Reader Award:

Student reading maximum number of books from the class library is awarded with story books in every class.

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Attendance Award:

Student having 100% attendance in a session receive 100% Attendance Award.

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overall excellence award, top schools in bhopal, best cbse schools in bhopal

Overall Excellence Award:

This award is given for four criteria:
Best Boy
Best Student
Best Girl
Best Athlete

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celestial awards, schools in mp, top 10 schools in mp

Celestial Awards:

From Class I and above, one student per section is eligible and is adjusted in the following areas:
Communication Skills, Good Conduct, Participation in Activities, Turnout The student is assessed quarterly and acknowledge annually.

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teachers honors awards, top cbse schools in mp, list of top cbse schools in bhopal

Teachers Honours:

Teachers who show exceptional effort, creativity, sincerity and hard work receive honours every year.

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