Skill Enrichment

Learning and acquiring skills is rapidly shifting from the four walls of classrooms. Co - scholastic activities not only groom the inherent talent of the child but also give them an extra edge and confidence.
Student’s talent and skill is identified by teachers and supported by parents to bring out the best they are capable of. The additional hour is optimally utilized for the development of hobbies, expert sports coaching and extra academic help. Thus, the family is able to spend quality time at home.
At SPS Rohit Nagar, the Skill Enrichment Classes (SEC) are designed systematically so that Sagarites can perform and excel in vocational courses also.

Skill Enrichment Classes are categorised into three segments: Sports, Aesthetic and Literary.

Literary Segment Aesthetic Segment Sports Segment
Computer Programming  Vocal Music  Badminton
Computer Graphics  Instrumental Music  Swimming
Public Speaking and  Western Dance  Judo
Personality Development 
Towards the Green School  Bharatnatyam  Football
Quiz Club (For grade B1 and above)  Art and Craft  Skating
Theatre  Yoga  Squash
William Shakespeare Dramatics Basketball
Table Tennis