Chairman's Message

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Sudhir Kumar Agrawal
Chairman, Sagar Group

Changes make us philosophical, and as I look around I ponder the alterations affecting us on a daily basis. While we were growing up, we had very clear career choices. One wanted to become either an engineer or doctor. Other options included those of teaching or entering the workplace via banks and government offices. The same safe predictions, however, cannot be made for today's children. The jobs that were the mainstay of our generation have either become irrelevant or unremunerative. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the data sciences are causing the world to change rapidly. Consequently, human society has to become increasingly adaptable with lifelong learning as its modus operandi.

In order to prepare our children for the demands of the future we have to construct a new curriculum with stress on thinking skills such as problem-solving and critical analysis.

What will be the hallmarks of a thinking school?
  • Familiarity with and understanding of different thought processes
  • Interactive lessons
  • Reflective students and staff
  • Higher level questioning
  • Students taking more ownership and responsibility for their work (self-motivated learners)
  • Focus moving from 'what I know' to 'how I know'
  • Fluency in explaining thoughts

A thinking school will transform both the way we teach and the way our children learn. Its success will be measured by its students who will use thinking tools independently, reflectively, critically and creatively.

Let's join hands to create the utopian educational community in which all members are motivated by the common commitment to raise children who are independent thinkers.