Principal's Message

principal sps rohit nagar, top cbse schools in bhopal, day boarding schools in bhopal Dr. Madhubala Chauhan
Principal, SPS-Rohit Nagar

Everyone possesses the ability to improve their lives if they wish and one shouldn't let anything or anyone stand in the way. All of us have a mission to accomplish in this world and to accomplish this mission we have to nurture our potential. This is how our latent potential can become actual in practice.

We see people who have great abilities, but very often they do not become aware and do not devote themselves to their abilities, nothing great happens that could bring any benefit to anyone.

We should be optimistic that the future is going to be better than the past. Let there be joy in knowing that you can contribute to a better world. We should use our abilities in the correct way that will produce fruits which will benefit not only each one of us but even humanity in broader perspective.

Let us sharpen our perception of the world to become more loving, caring and dedicated individuals.

I believe that if one always looked at the skies,
one would end up with wings.