Principal's Message


We all have a body, mind and soul. The soul is very subtle thing and is beyond comprehension of the normal mind. The mind is less subtle as we can't see it but we can experience it with our thoughts and emotions. The body is the least subtle on for we can see and feel it and also know how it works.


We spend a lot of time and resource caring for our body but neglect our mind. The mind gives birth to thoughts which give a birth to our feelings and emotions that solely govern our performance and thus in turn shape our personality, and define who we are.


Remember a strong  and healthy mind can even ward off diseases and heal the physical body.


There are numerous ways to keep the mind healthy and strong and ensure a life of total happiness, peace and harmony. The first step is to set aside 10 to 15 minutes every day to sit quietly and relax.


Root out all the 'bad and harmful food' i.e.-negative thoughts as quickly as you can. Negative thoughts and feelings not only harm you but also the person towards whom they are directed.


Focus on your work by giving your 100 percent to it. Work done in a dedicated way without negative traits is the key to healthy mind. Inculcated healthy relaxing habits like gardening, reading, music, dancing, painting, writing etc to rejuvenate your mind. Let us all empower our minds to bring happiness, peace and harmony..


Dr. Madhubala Chauhan