A Long Day School

Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results. -- John Dewey

A long day school aims to provide an extended learning time which combines an intensive teaching system with activities for student engagement and self development. It help teachers incorporate more individualized instruction and project-based learning into their classes, and to balance core academic time with more time for engaging enrichment in arts, music, drama, sports, and other essential aspects of a well-rounded education.

A long day school concept provides the following benefits:

  • An extended school schedule engages students more fully, and children learn better in a more stimulating environment. The longer, redesigned school day has improved academic and enrichment capabilities as it allows for more personalized forms of instruction.
  • Gives students more time to practice new skills and students receive individualized instruction and tutoring.
  • Matching the school hours to a parent's work schedule makes it convenient for the working parents.
  • With the stay of students in school, teachers can easily monitor student activities. The behaviour of students can more easily controlled in the school environment, this also provides discipline benefits.
  • Facility for fresh, nutritional and healthy food at a long day school ensures that the proper diet of the child is taken care of. Eating at school mess also helps the child develop good social eating habits and table etiquettes.
  • More time affords opportunities to expose students to the world outside their schools and communities, to build new skills and interests including arts, music, drama, personality development and sports that they will pursue throughout their lives, and to offer activities that build a strong school culture that values and supports lifelong learning.”