Parent Orientation Programme 2020-21

Every school aims at the holistic development of a child which is possible only when parents and teachers form a strong partnership. The orientation programme ensures this every aspect of enhancing the child’s education system and environment. The foundation for good parent teacher relationship is, frequent and open communication, mutual respect and a clear understanding of what is best for each individual child.
Keeping this in mind, Sagar Public School, Rohit Nagar organized Parent Orientation Programme 2020-21 on 4th March 2020 for the new parents.
The Principal enlightened the gathering by walking through the Vision and Philosophy of the school. The aim was to give parents an opportunity to experience and understand the world their child explores in the school. The Parents were given an insight upon the Sagar Public Schools Learning System which is based on the belief that locked within every child is the inherent potential for greatness. The Vice Principal, HM and Supervisor updated them with the activities and the assessment structures of their respective sections.
The parents left with the assurance that their wards are a part of a temple of learning in its truest essence where they would be nurtured into responsible citizens and good human beings.

Date: 3/4/2020 12:00:00 AM