Chairman's Message

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Shri. Sudhir Kumar Agrawal
Chairman, Sagar Group

Cementing the Culture of Excellence

By the grace of Goddess Saraswati and the hard work of the students, the staff and the management, SPS schools have been blessed with success in all forms and arenas, scholastic as well as co-scholastic.

Gaining success at first is easy. To walk continuously on the path of success is much more difficult and requires foresight, acumen, persistence and much more hard work. SPS now has to ensure that the spirit with which we have pursued excellence never flags. We need to ensure that this culture of excellence permeates every classroom, and creates a lifelong dedication to learning and growing (in the metaphorical sense of the term) in every person associated with the school.

The culture of excellence goes hand in hand with the culture of high aspiration. I would like to share my ideas which can be implemented at individual as well as group levels.

  • Define - For example, what can a Class VII student excellent in Mathematics do?
  • Create a checklist - What do we expect students to be able to know and do at the end of each unit of the syllabus?
  • Create a knowledge bank of exemplary work and share with students, colleagues and parents.
  • Enforce your expectations - Work is not finished until it is excellent. Before submitting their work, students should ask: “Is this excellent yet?”
  • Take it further - Extension work or work beyond the classroom should be the norm, and should not include home-work.
  • Recognise and celebrate excellence because that provides the momentum for further achievement.

By virtue of continued efforts and superlative achievements, we will be the trail-blazers who will re-define excellence.