Principal's Message

principal sps rohit nagar, top cbse schools in bhopal, day boarding schools in bhopal Dr. Madhubala Chauhan
Principal, SPS-Rohit Nagar

A paradigm shift in our Education is required to make our children more humane

Everything in this world is interconnected today. There are no national boundaries for climate protection, natural calamities or for the global economy. We must realise that whether we want or not we must co-exist. Living together as brothers and sisters is the only way to peace, compassion, mindfulness and more justice. We need to develop a global ethic which can accept and encompass all the segments of people of this planet.

At present our educational system is primarily focussed on developing the cognitive domain of the child.

It is evident by the facts that all our assessments are based on measuring only this aspect. This orients them towards material values only. There is no emphasis to develop the inner values. Intolerance, violence and conflicts are becoming part and parcel of the life of younger generation. They should realise that it is their responsibility to make this world a peaceful place for all. This can become a reality only if we educate not just the brain but also the heart.

Our educational system should place greater emphasis on strengthening the affective domain in human abilities like sense of oneness, humanity and love. It is evident that our spiritual well being is dependent on our inner human nature like compassion and caring for others. Empathy is the basis of human existence. Human development relies on cooperation and not on competition as predicted by Darwin. We are still focussing too much on our differences instead of similarities or commonalities.

Let us remember that India can become incredible by practicing Gandhian Philosophy. Only then we can say that humanity is our religion and can become humane only when we inculcate the virtues by living them.