Trips and Tours

Educational Trips

Educational trips are a time-honoured tradition in most schools. The students love such tours. Educational trips give the students a chance to get out of the classroom and experience something new. One of the biggest advantages of educational trips is that they allow students to have a real-world experience. These experiences clearly illustrate and enhance information taught by the curriculum. For youngsters to get the most out of their abilities, they sometimes have to leave the boundaries of the classroom and experience a wide range of challenges and activities that go above and beyond what they usually learn. Educational trips help young people broaden their horizons and learn new skills, improve their team-building skills, find a healthier way of life, and even conquer their fears. We at SPS facilitate educational trips for all the classes. The venues are interlinked with the curriculum. The purpose is essentially to educate the children.

National Trips

National and International tours are organized every year for the students. Students visit places of historical, cultural, scientific and national importance which promotes learning and develop a sense of pride for our national heritages among young minds. International tours are organized to visit the place or institute of significance for the students to learn about the culture, food, weather, language, outfits of that place.